Koala Tree Planting Day


Protect koalas

G’day Nature Lovers,

Let’s face it, there are not many people on this planet who don’t think koalas are adorable, me included. The problem is that without their habitat (dry sclerophyll forests), there would be no koalas, and thanks to “human progress” they are losing their habitat at record rates. So yesterday I helped out with a tree planting event at Bangalow.

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World’s First Solar Train

G’day Nature lovers,

Byron Bay Solar Train

Byron Bay Solar Train

Did you know that I’m no only a nature nerd, but I’m also a bit of a train nerd, not a train spotter, mind, just a train nerd (probably the same distinction between my love of birds and not being a fully fledged bird watcher) . So imagine my excitement when I got to try out the new Byron heritage train, which also happens to be the world’s first solar train. Continue reading