Mount Chincogan Butterflies

Mount Chincogan

Mount Chincogan

G’day nature lovers,

As a nature nerd, I look at Mount Chincogan longingly wondering what it’s like at the top.

When I first moved here 10 years ago everyone told me it was on private land and closed to the public. Locals often recall stories about climbing Chinny when they were kids, which only teased my curiosity. So, imagine my excitement when I heard they were going to allow a one off event where people can climb the mountain – The Chinny Charge. I literally had butterflies in my stomach with the excitement. Continue reading

Pushing your limits

G’day nature lovers,

Top of a Swiss Mountain

Top of a Swiss Mountain (1997)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when walking up a mountain, going for a long hike or bike ride, I think, “Why on earth am I doing this when I could be relaxing with a nice glass of wine”. Then you get to the top of the mountain, end of of the hike/ride, and you think “I’m so glad I did that”.

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Tweed Caldera

crams farm2

View of Mount Warning (Wollumbin) from Crams Farm

G’day,  the Tweed Caldera is arguably the most prominent natural feature of the North Coast of NSW.  Mount Warning (Wollumbin) rises 1159m from the centre and the caldera and the mountain ranges to the south, west and north form impressive National Parks crossing the border into Queensland. Continue reading