Koala Tree Planting Day


Protect koalas

G’day Nature Lovers,

Let’s face it, there are not many people on this planet who don’t think koalas are adorable, me included. The problem is that without their habitat (dry sclerophyll forests), there would be no koalas, and thanks to “human progress” they are losing their habitat at record rates. So yesterday I helped out with a tree planting event at Bangalow.

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Clean up Australia

Clean up on the Brunswick River

Clean up on the Brunswick River

G’day nature lovers,

Every year Clean-up Australia, gather volunteers to clean up their local areas. Byron Bay Eco Cruise and Kayaks have been gathering volunteers and cleaning up the Brunswick River for years, I joined them this year.

Clean up Australia Day started in 1989 when by Ian Kiernan gathered 40,000 Sydney-siders to clean up Sydney Harbour. The next year more than 300,000 people turned out for the First Clean up Australia. In the past 27 years Aussies have devoted 32 million hours to Clean up Australia. Now its gone global more than 40 million people from 130 countries participate.

Every time I go out in nature, I see some rubbish that someone else has left and pick it up and dispose of it properly. A lot of overseas visitors I talk to, often comment on how tidy they think Australia is, I don’t think it’s that tidy, but I suppose it’s all relative . I don’t understand why people go out into nature, and then leave their litter, for someone else to pick up or for some wildlife to get caught in or swallow. Most NSW National Parks don’t have bins as wildlife can get into it. For me it’s not hard, you bring it in, you take it out.

Clean up on the Brunswick River

Clean up on the Brunswick River

On Clean up Australia this year, we picked up 2 refrigerators, heaps of bottles, pot planters, shoes, fishing line, plastic bags, aerosol cans and foam. Simon from Byron Bay Eco Cruise and Kayaks say each year is less, which is heartening.

But we all need to be very careful with rubbish.

The added bonus of doing the clean-up on the Brunswick River, was that we got to spend the morning on our beautiful river and we got to see heaps of bird life included: azure & sacred kingfishers, white bellied sea eagles, ospreys, brahimny kite, spoonbills, egret and pelicans.

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Enjoy nature.

Bird Week 23-29 Oct

G’day nature lovers,

Scaly Breasted Lorikeet

Scaly Breasted Lorikeet

I love birds, I’m not sure I’m a fully-fledged bird nerd yet, but I think I’m well on my way. 23-29 October 2017 is Bird Week; there will be lots of activities for bird lovers of all ages, abilities and interest. Here are some of my suggestions for bird-tastic activities to get your feathers wet. Continue reading

Kangaroos vs Wallabies

Science Week Special




G’day nature lovers and happy Science Week.

I’m often asked what the difference is between kangaroos and wallabies. So, I’m going to try and demonstrate the difference using a scientific system called taxonomy and naming system called nomenclature – just becasue its science week.

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Byron Wetlands

G’day, we had a few walks yesterday morning around some of the Byron Bay Wetlands.

Cumbebin Wetlands

First we went for a walk at the Cumbebin Swamp. A beautiful board walk through Melaleuca forest. The board walk is not long (about 300m), but you really get a immersive  wetland experience and a really appreciate the conditions the people worked in to build the wonderful board walk.

You can access the board walk behind the Butler St Reserve. Park near the corner of Somerset and Wordsworth Streets.

Arakwal National Park 

Secondly we went for a walk through Arakwal National Park. The path goes past the water treatment area an opens up onto a tea tree lake and Wallum. The path is quite busy and a favourite of local dog walkers, but has plenty of bird life.

You can access the track on Bangalow Rd, about 200m on the left past Byron Bay High School.

There are plenty of other wetlands and tea tree lakes in and near Byron Bay, these are just two of them. Enjoy your journey.